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Outside Influence

A spate of thefts followed by sinister deaths upset members of Elmsleigh Park, a select golf club in the south of England. Is there an outside influence amongst them? Their rich Russian member is friendly with one of the royal Romanov family, a descendant of Czar Peter the Great which makes some folk wonder whether their club, they felt so safe in, is being targeted for political reasons. Members are also perturbed by a beggar who loiters in the car park makes mysterious remarks about his own heritage. The club’s rulers decide the police need help to investigate these criminal activities and decide to employ a local detective agency. Unbeknown to them though, this agency employs Sam, their own Lady Captain, a journalist who moonlights as a store detective. Insisting it is kept a secret, reluctantly she takes on the job, only to find herself entangled in something worse than embarrassment. Her own life is in danger.

When the Lady Captain investigates her alarm at her findings turns to fear for her life.

The first edition of this book was sold for the Meath Epilepsy charity, chosen by the Lady Captain of the golf club where Lucy belongs, for her Captain’s year. Outside Influence is now available through any book retailer or Amazon.

Paperback £9.99 ISBN 978-1-913663-14-8


Strange happenings at Ramsden House care home go unnoticed by the authorities. Set in the beautiful Jurassic coast, this prestigious home started up by a go-ahead professional couple seems the ideal place for star songster, Ursula to place her loved autistic daughter Tosca to develop into adulthood. To Ursula’s chagrin her best friend, Tosca’s Godmother Isobel, is worried. Through a chance meeting with a man with a disability, Andrew and Bowie his spaniel dog, she’s picked up sinister vibes about Ramsden House, an awkward situations since Ursula relies on Isobel’s support for Tosca.

Tension increases as Isobel becomes involved with Ramsden House. Through her job as a pianist at a grand hotel, she meets the former owners of Ramsden who ask her to befriend their autistic daughter Nikki, a resident there. Seizing this chance to find out more about Ramsden House, Isobel agrees. Isobel’s alarm grows when on an outing with Nikki she biffs a prominent local do-gooder whom she calls Lord Fuckingdon. Why does Nikki behave like this and why does she not want to return to Ramsden House?

Hardback £16.99 ISBN 978-1-9996345-5-1
Paperback £8.99 ISBN 978-1-9996345-6-8

Crisis in a Surrey Harem

Crisis in a Surrey Harem by Lucy Abelson“I’m talking to a man who’s had four wives and keeps a wolf.” Impey Dalrymple falls into the clutches of Jules Challenger. When a Greek diplomat’s family fail to pay her for editing his memoirs, she finds herself working for the debt collector.

Jules wants to know who has vandalised his company’s emblem. Someone has hacked the arms off a prized sculpture of his first wife. This gruesome replica of his second wife’s death makes the eccentric millionaire wonder whether the perpetrator has a grudge against him. He commissions Impey to find out whether the culprit opposes his plans to use the golf club as a wild life park or has some deeper personal antagonism. As the job tears into her friendships, Impey becomes more worried about her own involvement with Jules. The disappearance of a rich spinster, who was his mentor, plus the deaths of a couple of ex-wives make her fear for her own safety.

Hardback £16.99 ISBN 978-0-9557631-4-4
Paperback £8.99 ISBN 978-0-9557631-5-1

Ancestral Hazard

Ancestral Hazard by Lucy AbelsonAncestral Hazard is our second crime novel to feature Impey Dalrymple, the reluctant sleuth.

The past haunts the present – as Impey finds.
Spectres are unleashed when she brings together her old childhood playmate Natty Bell, now a celebrity TV interviewer, with her new friend Lady Olga Brancaster.
The peeress’s life story starts to unravel. A revered champion, the current President of Bisley Heath golf club, Lady Olga is locked in a feud with the dazzling Lady Captain, ace player Flick Challenger.
When one finds the other battered in a bunker, the club plunges into a crisis.

Caught in the fray, Impey uses her knowledge of animal behaviour to sort out friends from enemies.

Hardback £19.99 ISBN 978-0-9557631-3-7
Paperback £10.99 ISBN 978-0-9557631-2-0

Murder in a Surrey Tribe

Murder in a Surrey Tribe by Lucy AbelsonAfter her musician husband’s affair with their Ukrainian cleaner, journalist Impey Dalrymple seeks a new set of friends. She joins one of the top hundred golf clubs, the prestigious Bisley Heath in leafy south west Surrey. Caught with her knickers down, rumours soon spread. Only when one of the club’s key players is killed, her knowledge of animal societies draws her into the role of a reluctant sleuth. As she delves beneath the surface of the upper crust members’ lives, she finds even in the most respectable places, nature is still “red in tooth and claw”. But if she reveals their secrets, she risks her own survival.

Hardback £16.99 ISBN 9780055763113
Paperback £8.99 ISBN 9780055763113

The Passion Principle

The Passion Principle by Lucy Abelson“Love conquers everything”. So they sang in the dying embers of the 20th century. In the era when women were liberated to strive for personal success, some women still lived to love. It was the last throes of the mistress. Camilla survived to marry her prince. Edwina thrived as a reporter and writer after being dumped by a future prime-minister. But – what befell Fenella who, gave up everything for a man?

“It amazed her how satisfying it was hearing the noise of the material rending and tearing. She liked watching the way the lining came apart and flapped. Little filaments of dark grey thread interspersed with veins of white where a narrow stripe in the material had been, waved uselessly, rent by the knife. In moments, Gordon’s three suits were lying in ragged grey ruins before her.”

Hardback £14.99 ISBN 9781857760118

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